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The Outside Loop

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James H. Doolittle 1896-1993: In 1927, Doolittle was the first person to successfully execute an outside loop — previously thought to be a fatal maneuver. Carried out in a Curtiss fighter at Wright Field in Ohio, Doolittle executed the dive from 10,000 feet, reached 280 miles per hour, bottomed out upside down, then climbed and completed the loop… As the first person to win all major aviation racing trophies, Doolittle also won the Schneider Trophy in 1925 for flying a Curtiss Navy racer seaplane the fastest it had ever been flown, averaging 232 miles per hour. In April 1926 Doolittle got a leave of absence to go to South America to do airplane demonstration flights… At a party in Argentina, after a few too many drinks, he demonstrated handstands on a high balcony when the balcony gave way and he broke both of his ankles. Despite the accident, Doolittle put his Curtiss P-1 through stirring aerial maneuvers the next day, with his casted ankles strapped to the rudders buy valum online usa order valum america how to buy valum online . Doolittle looked at the practical side: He could leave his bulky parachute behind since his feet were strapped in and he could not get out in an emergency. More info on James Doolittle.

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The Outside Loop can be simply described as a 360 degree turn in the vertical plane of motion with the aircraft in an inverted negative-G flight condition. The aircraft starts from straight and level flight, is then rolled to level inverted flight. Immediately, the aircraft is pushed under negative G from the horizontal inverted flight attitude to the upright visit us generic ultram information click here flight attitude (over the top) still under negative G and then continued under negative G through until the aircraft is recovered in an inverted flight attitude at the same altitude, airspeed and heading as the maneuver is started. The maneuver is over when the aircraft is rolled upright. Feel free to take a moment to watch Frank and BJ fly an outside loop from the cockpit of one of Fighter Combat International’s Extra 300L aircraft…

Important Note:Without exception, all mission profiles are “challenge by choice” at Fighter Combat International. We will not put anyone through any maneuver without their expressed permission and expressed desire to do so. Each mission profile follows a building block approach from basic maneuvers working towards the client’s self-determined limitations. The customer chooses, at each stage of the building block process, whether to keep it basic and gentle or to move progressively towards the extreme.

How FCI Flies this Maneuver:

If the client chooses to try this maneuver, it is usually one of the last ones preformed in the aerobatic profile due to the associated negative g and resulting physiological effects. For the Outside Loop in the Flight of Your Life Program we set the aircraft up at a safe altitude with an airspeed of approximately 160 kts or more adderall cod adderall generic order adderall . To initiate the maneuver the aircraft is rolled to the inverted position from level flight and then a relatively aggressive push forward on the stick is required (approximately 3.5 to 4 negative G) to initiate the loop. In this particular case, the occupants are experiencing a body weight 3.5 to 4 times their normal weight with the entire force being exerted by their body on their cockpit harnesses holding them in the aircraft. When flying this figure the cockpit remains under negative G for the entire maneuver with maximum negative G-loading occurring at entry and exit of the maneuver. Unlike positive-G maneuvers, blood-flow is not a problem as all the blood is being pushed into the head buy valium india buy valium online no prescription today valium without prescription . It is not uncommon to feel as if your head is swelling and your eyes bulging. This is NOT a maneuver for the timid adventurer and should NOT be attempted unless under the expert supervision and specialized instruction of Fighter Combat International’s pilot staff in the Extra 300L – or other known experts in advanced aerobatics.

NOTE:Unlike the aerobatic competition version of this maneuver, we do not “pop off” and “pop on” the line with clients onboard our Extra 300Ls. With clients, we use a smooth, yet fairly rapid, G-onset rate instead of a relatively instantaneous onset rate like aerobatic competitors execute to achieve a constant radius loop from initiation to completion.

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